Tiles in Style offers a variety of hand-painted tiles based on the Azulejos tradition (also known as Maiolica and Faience). These tiles can be used indoors and outdoors. Likewise, these can serve multiple purposes, such as: signs, tabletops, murals, kitchen and bathroom walls, trays, pot coasters, and as decor.
Some of the paintings are replicas of Portuguese Azulejos designs. Furthermore, it is possible to customize our paintings for different themes and events.

In addition, we offer porcelain that is hand-painted according to different methods, including the traditional European and Brazilian methods. Some of our products are painted as a special present for holidays and ceremonies. For example, our most popular product is the engagement plate. In some traditions, it is common to break a plate during the engagement party, and give a piece to each guest for good luck.

All of our products can be tailored to the customer’s request. Our products are painted in Europe, and can be delivered either by post or by courier.

Dina Drori has been painting and teaching for 15 years. She began with glass fusing and painting on glass. By chance, she encountered porcelain painting and later went on teaching. Nowadays, she devotes her time to painting solely on tiles and porcelain. Dina’s vision is to decorate houses from outside (signs and murals) to create open museums in streets and alleys.

Dina Drori- Tiles in Style
Dina Drori