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Usually when I paint, I plan the colors I would like to use. I start to paint and suddenly I feel that I have to rethink my ideas.   So,  I leave the room and I return later with a new vision. You can see that painting by hand is not only technical. It requires the special inspiration of a specific and very special moment.

I am happy to share my inspiration with others, and I love to help people by creating unique designs based on their wishes and preferences.

Samples will follow in the next post.  ( I did not forget my promise).



How my passion for tiles began

During the summer of 2000, I attended a ceramic exhibition in Tel-Aviv. I was so impressed and looked for the artist. She is the Armenian ceramic artist Marie Balian. I went to visit her studio in Jerusalem and there she was, chatting with us. I’ve asked her how she is painting and she took a pencil and started to draw on the unglazed (biscuit) tiles and said: “Just like that…”. I told her I admire her work and that I wish to paint like her one day.

Luckily, after painting few years on porcelaine I had the opportunity to go to Italy and learn how to paint on tiles using the Asulejos (Maiolica) method. It is different from the Armenian method. The next post will deal with those differences.

Portuguese Style
Portuguese Style

Balian’s art is known worldwide, and her unique style has influenced many. For 40 years she has painted traditional designs on tiles that have become one of the most popular artworks made in Jerusalem.

Turkish-style Tabletops

Here you can see the process of the creation of a tabletop using the maiolica technique. Try to see the tiny black dots, which are used as an outline.

Before (during painting):


After (after the firing):


Welcome to Tiles in Style

Welcome to Tiles in Style!

We are excited to launch a new website which will contain a blog and a photo gallery. Furthermore, we now offer the possibility to place orders online!  Our products are either based on ceramic tiles or porcelain, and are hand-painted. We also accept custom orders for any occasion.

We hope you enjoy the new website 🙂